Here, I’ve compiled:

HubSpot Consulting Work

HubSpot Workflow Analyzer (early build)

Summary: an app to easily identify redundant and outdated workflows in your HubSpot portal

Technologies: MERN stack, workflows API

See a screenshot of an early build

Check out the code

Fullstack HubSpot Demo Microsite

Summary: a microsite designed for a demo that demonstrates the power of various APIs for additional segmenting in HubSpot (tracking buyers and sellers on a platform-based website)

Technologies: Express, Pug, Timeline API, Transactional Email API,, Bot code interacting with external APIs

See the code and pages at Repl

Inspect the bot code from the seller page

Track number of pageviews in a timeframe

Summary: a module that creates dynamic events to segment on contacts that have seen “X” number of pages in the last “Y” days (not native functionality in HubSpot)

Technologies: Javascript, HubSpot Tracking Code API, localStorage, HubL field tokens for customization

Peruse the code

Other projects from HubSpot

Side Projects

Scaling an AirBnB service

Summary: working off of a pre-existing service, adding a full RESTful API, and scaling it up to handle 1k RPS in production

Technologies: Express, React, Postgres, AWS EC2, AWS ELB, Redis, NewRelic,,

Results: the system is now able to tolerate 1k requests per second, with less than 1% error rate and average 60ms response time on popular assets

View slides of the NewRelic-monitored results in production

Read over the API documentation and code

Designing a Goodreads service

Summary: a microservice designed to mimic the Goodreads’ book summary section of their website

Technologies: MERN stack, webpack, styled-components, popper.js, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, Mongo Atlas, Jest and Enzyme

Peek at a screenshot of the proxy

Peruse the code

Website Work

SHIELD Interactive Database

Summary: built a Joomla-based application that accessed a database of mining sites in the US and displayed them on a map and for export

Technologies: Joomla, MySQL, PHP, CartoDB API, Javascript

See a demo

District Managment Group Website Redesign

Summary: worked with a team to update and overhaul a Joomla instance on-time, and in-budget, providing customized modules and database of assets

See snapshots from the site

Cataloging historical resources for non-profit

Summary: as part of a larger effort for historical preservation, constructed a resource database for a content-driven non-profit for tracking historical, digitized content

Technologies: MySQL, Amazon Books APIs, Fabrik database management UI

Other website projects